How to navigate the LSB market intelligence webpage

See some useful tips on how to navigate the LSB data hub below:

  • The main page is named market intelligence, from there it is possible to click to the six main sections which are health of the legal sectors, market structure, consumer behaviour, regulators, diversity, and consumer protection. Each section includes a series of relevant charts and indicators related to that theme.
  • Some charts have the year included in the title while others do not. The reason is due to whether it’s clear from the chart itself which year or period of time takes into account. If the year is not clear from the chart, then it is added to the title.
  • Some charts titles include information within brackets. These information can be the data source, specification of the unit of measure used in the chart, or other relevant information about the series included in the chart.
  • Some charts include multiple series which make the chart busy, therefore it may be difficult to compare different groups/series just by looking at it. By clicking to the legenda below the chart, you can deselect/select all the series, deciding which to include into the chart. Doing so, you may choose to deselect all the series, selecting only those you are interested to include in the chart.