Perspectives on Lawtech and Regulation

We published a collection of articles titled ‘Perspectives on LawTech and Regulation‘ to understand how different participants in the legal services sector perceive technological innovation and its capability to improve access to justice.

These articles outline the likely risks facing the sector, as well as likely opportunities, and how regulators can ensure the benefits of technology and innovation are realised.

The article authors are:

  • Owen Derbyshire, Member of the Legal Services Consumer Panel
  • Julia Salasky, CEO, Legl
  • Chris Handford, Director of Regulatory Policy, Solicitors Regulation Authority
  • Felix Brown, Policy Officer, CILEx Regulation
  • Simon Davis, President, The Law Society
  • Dr Birgit Clark, Lead Knowledge Lawyer IP & Technology at Baker McKenzie, on behalf of CITMA
  • Sir Geoffrey Vos, Chancellor of the High Court.
  • Mariette Hughes, Head Ombudsman, Legal Ombudsman
  • Stephen Ward, Managing Director, Clerksroom Barristers Chambers
  • Elizabeth Comley, Deputy General Counsel and Head of Data Protection, Slater & Gordon
  • Lorraine Robinson, Head of Legal, Farewill

Front cover of 'Perspectives on lawtech and regulation'

Matthew Hill, Chief Executive of the Legal Services Board said:

“One of the Legal Services Board’s roles is to help foster a regulatory climate that supports innovation and increases access to legal services for everyone who needs them, while maintaining high standards.

“The impact of Covid-19 has brought into even sharper focus the vital role that technology can play in keeping the wheels of justice turning. We want to remove barriers to innovation, and we encourage regulators to explore how we can use technology to reshape legal services to better meet the needs of society.

“As this new collection of articles illustrates, there are many potential opportunities, but there are some risks though. It is important that nobody is disadvantaged as technology advances, particularly the vulnerable.

“We will work with others from across the legal and technological sectors to ensure everyone who needs legal services can reap the benefits of lawtech.”

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