Video transcript: strategy development public panel research

Speaker 1: It is really important that the Legal Services Board focuses on the needs and the education of the average person over the coming years. People need to be aware that legal help is available to everyone and not just the wealthy, and they need to be aware of how to access that help, and how much, if anything, that’s going to cost before making any decisions. I think the Legal Services Board should prioritise a way for people to have this information in an impartial, no pressure way, before finding the correct legal specialists to support your issues

Speaker 2: Hi. I would like LSB to make diversity a priority, because it will help LSB to meet its objectives of its presence felt across various communities across the country. It will also help LSB to understand the issues and challenges which are different from community to community and help them to provide better services, improve deregulation, and make people aware of their legal rights and responsibilities.

Speaker 3: For me, the most important thing to focus on is how the most people are helped. So, what would make it fairer for the most people. I think the elements of diversity are obviously key at the moment, and looking at how you help the most vulnerable, but I can also see that you can spend a lot of time and money trying to make things work for the most vulnerable in society for maybe not so much reward. So, I think, as I said, for me, the most important thing would be to how you help the most people with what you do and how you make it fairer for the majority.

Speaker 4: I would say the main things that I think the LSB should concentrate on over the next 5 years are the education of the public so that they know where to go to for various legal representation, what representation they’re entitled to, because if they’re anything like me, they don’t really know, apart from the obvious, like divorce, adoption, things like that.

Speaker 5:  The main thing that I think the LSB should be focusing on is the ability to compare and contrast different law firms more easily based on quality and price. Obviously, this then would allow them to be critiqued more easily and people to make better choices for themselves. More importantly, I feel this also gives an incentive to the law firms to provide the best quality at the lowest price that they possibly can, as opposed to in other situations where people not even know more than one or two law firms. If you have the ability to compare, you’ll get a better deal. For example, in car insurance, credit cards, mortgages, etc. the ability to easily compare with comparison sites has improved those industries significantly.

Speaker 6:  I think the one task LSB should focus on over the next 5 years is to ensure legal professional remain competent throughout their careers, because if they don’t remain competent, then this could bring the profession into disrepute. Also, users of legal services often pay a lot of money for legal advice and representation, therefore, they should be able to expect competence and value for money.

Speaker 7:  So, I think, in the next 5 years, LSB should really focus on generating equality within the legal sector. I think, for me, particularly, it’s important that people from ethnic minority backgrounds get the same chances as other people from different backgrounds. So, I really want them to focus on creating that equality within the legal system, ensuring that there are platforms or programmes in place for people from these ethnic minorities to get involved in law and have all the same opportunities and chances as other people would. I guess, something related to this as well is to make sure that vulnerable backgrounds have the same access to legal services than privileged backgrounds. I think it’s important to create that equality within the legal sector.