Strategy Development: Public Panel Research report – August 2020

The Legal Services Board (LSB) is developing a new strategy for the legal services sector. We wanted to understand the needs and priorities of members of the public to inform the development of the strategy. So we commissioned Community Research to run a deliberative online forum.

In June and July 2020, 41 members of the public from across England and Wales discussed our future strategic priorities.

Key findings

Following a deliberation of the issues over the course of a week, participants decided that the LSB should focus its resources as follows:

  • Greater focus on lawyers’ competence, public legal education and access to justice for those on low and middle incomes;
  • Some focus on the diversity of the profession, enabling comparisons between law firms, improving experiences for the most vulnerable, and reviewing the list of reserved legal activities;
  • Less focus on AI/ technologies, complaints processes and qualification routes for lawyers.

The report and supporting outputs can be found below

Video transcript: strategy development public panel research