Coronavirus impact dashboard development

This dashboard aims to inform regulators and policymakers by indicating the impact on demand for legal services across different legal issues as well as the health of the legal services market in England and Wales.

For an overview of latest trends, see our February 2021 update.

Data used for this dashboard are provided by a variety of institutions including the government and they will be updated on a monthly basis. Many indicators come from organisations’ operational or management data and have not been subject to the same quality checks used for official statistics. Numbers may also change as provisional data is revised in later releases. Full data can be downloaded here.

The data should be interpreted with care. For example, there will often be a time lag before the impacts of Covid-19 are seen in the data. Some consumers may be experiencing issues but cannot, or decide not to, seek advice. Therefore, a reduction in numbers may reflect suppressed demand rather than lower legal need.

Enter full screen mode to open the dashboard – see double headed arrow on the bottom right of the graphic below (use Google Chrome for better performance). The dashboard has navigation buttons at top and bottom and it is interactive. We want this to be useful, so if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback please do email us: