LSB Public Registers

What is the purpose of holding and publishing this information on a public register?

The Legal Services Board (LSB) is required under section 100 of the Legal Services Act 2007 (‘LSA 2007’) to maintain and publish lists of those who have been disqualified or restricted in the provision of legal services.

This applies to persons who have been disqualified by a licensing authority under section 99 of the LSA 2007.

The LSB is required by law to publicly list persons who are disqualified from:

  • Acting as Head of Legal Practice of any licensed body
  • Acting as Head of Finance and Administration of any licensed body
  • Being a manager of any licensed body, or
  • Being employed by any licensed body

The Board is also required under schedule 13, paragraph 51 of the LSA 2007 to keep and make available a list of persons to whom a relevant licensing authority has:

  • objected to holding of a restricted interest in a licensed body, or
  • imposed conditions on their holding of a restricted interest in a licensed body.

A licensing authority must notify the LSB when they apply to have an already ‘restricted interest’ person divested.

They should also, if they consider it appropriate, notify the LSB if a non-authorised person exceeds a share or voting limit.

Why is it important for licensing authorities to collect and, the LSB publish this information?

It is necessary for licensing authorities to collect this information and the LSB to publish it because it is in the public and the consumer’s interest that information about people who are disqualified or in some way restricted from involvement in the provision of legal services is made available. The LSB is also expressly obliged under the LSA 2007 to publish its lists of disqualified persons and to ensure that its restricted interest list is made available to every licensing authority.

It is proposed that the LSB will also publish all objections and conditions in relation to restricted interests.

For further information on the above is available on our Privacy Notice concerning personal data processed under the LSB’s regulatory remit.

How do I access the information in the public registers?

The available lists are:

Terms and access of use are available here.

What happens to this information when it expires or the circumstances of the person listed change?

In line with Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) guidance on data protection law, once a record on any of the lists has expired or is no longer valid for whatever reason , it will be permanently deleted and securely disposed of from all records kept by the LSB.

Who do I contact if I have a query about the information held in these registers?

Further information on these registers may be obtained by emailing, disqualified&