Increasing market transparency for consumers

We are currently undertaking work to improve market transparency, building on the findings of the CMA’s recent progress review.

We want to ensure that consumers are better able to understand and engage with the legal services market. This will include providing them with the necessary tools so that they can make effective choices about their legal services provider. We consider that our work in this area will contribute to the regulatory objectives including: protecting and promoting the interests of consumers; and promoting competition in the provision of legal services.

We have been monitoring activity across the sector and developing our own thinking on key relevant areas to improving consumer awareness and engagement, including quality indicators, price transparency and public understanding of the legal services sector.

We intend to publish a statutory statement of policy in 2021 on these topics, which will set clear expectations of the regulatory bodies in how they should address these issues.

Quality Indicators

We published a discussion paper on how to improve transparency of quality in the legal services market and have now published the submissions we received and our response. Alongside the paper, we have published new research with our public panel into quality indicators which has informed our work here.

CMA progress review – December 2020

On 17 December 2020, the CMA published the findings of its review of the progress made on improving competition and transparency in the legal services sector since its 2016 market study.

We welcome the CMA’s latest findings from its progress review. We are considering the CMA’s recommendations and our Board will consider these further at its March meeting.



When forming our policy, we will be informed by our wealth of research, including on the prices of legal services commonly purchased by individual consumers based in England and Wales, our research on legal capability, and our recent research on quality indicators.