Thematic reviews

As part of our regulator performance and oversight work programme, we undertake thematic reviews on particular issues where evidence of consumer detriment and/or actual or potential risks to the wider public interest and other regulatory objectives are identified. There are a number of areas where information we have gathered from prior regulatory reviews, wider research and stakeholder discussions have highlighted where more in-depth exploration would be beneficial. Thematic reviews help us to understand where we can assist in better embedding the Legal Services Act’s (the Act) regulatory objectives and the principles of better regulation across the regulators. They also allow us to develop and put in place a consistent and transparent approach to oversight regulation.

Our approach to each review will vary depending on the issue and the amount of evidence we have at the outset. A common approach with be to start with a review of publicly available information and to engage with regulators and others. In some cases, we may commission research or ask for additional evidence in order to decide whether a deeper review is appropriate. Reviews may lead to proposals for reform or specific action to bring about change.

The Legal Services Board’s (LSB) Business Plan 2015/16 has identified a set of reviews through a prioritisation process. Information will become available on this page as the work is progressing: