Quality Indicators

In February 2021 we published research with the LSB’s Public Panel, into the challenges people face when comparing and choosing legal services providers.

We commissioned this research to understand what consumers look for in terms of quality, the information they currently use to gauge quality, and how they would respond to potential initiatives to improve access to information on quality.

Sixty-nine members of the public from diverse backgrounds across England and Wales took part in a qualitative research study. They were asked about potential ways of making it easier to gauge and compare the quality of legal services.

Participants said they would value overall customer (or ‘star’) ratings as an ‘at a glance’ overview of actual clients’ experiences. Participants were also drawn to the idea of a single online register of legal services providers. They felt it would offer an impartial, trustworthy ‘whole market view’, addressing challenges in comparing and choosing providers.

This is a qualitative study designed to provide insights into a range of views held by individuals on this topic. Since the research is qualitative in nature, the findings should not be read as being statistically representative. The research will guide our policy development on these issues alongside responses to the discussion paper and evidence from other sources.

More detail on the research methodology is available in the technical appendices.

We also produced the infographic below, which is available to download [PDF].