CLC Rights of Audience and Litigation Application

Reference Number:

CLC application to become an Approved Regulator to award rights of audience and rights to conduct litigation

Status (29 July 2011): 
The mandatory consultation has been undertaken. Links to the responses are included in the documents column of this table.

The LSB is undertaking its review of the application.

Decision Period: 
3 February 2011 to 2 February 2012

Schedule 4, 15(1) of the Legal Services Act requires that the LSB must give a decision on an application being made to the Board. This can be extended to no more than 16 months (Schd 4, 15(4)).

On 9 January 2012, we issued an extension notice pursuant to Schedule 4, 15(3) which extends the decision period to 1 June 2012. A copy of the extension notice can be found here.


The LSB has not granted this application. Please see our Decision Notice and Covering Letter for more information