ICAEW approved regulator and licensing authority application


Reference number:

ICAEW applications to become approved regulator and licensing authority for the reserved legal activities of conduct of litigation; rights of audience; and reserved instrument activities relating to the service area of taxation; and the reserved legal activities of notarial services and oaths of administration

Status (23 June 2016): 
The LSB has now made its decision and has sent the recommendation to the Lord Chancellor:

Decision Period: 
20 July 2016 to 19 July 2017

Schedule 4, 15(2) and Schedule 10, 13(1) of the Legal Services Act requires that the LSB must give a decision on an application being made to the Board. This can be extended to no more than 16 months (Schedule 4, 15(4) and Schedule 10, 13(4)).


The letter notifies the LSB of changes to the proposed ICAEW Legal Services Regulations in respect of authorisation of litigation and rights of audience, as well as technical amendments in respect of the First-tier-Tribunal.  There are also changes to the Compensation Scheme regulations.  The revised regulations are provided below. 

Further information received:

Correspondence from The Notaries Society and The Society of Scrivener Notaries

Mandatory consultation:

The LSB is granting the applications.

For more information please see our Decision Notice and Annex 3: Regulatory Arrangements