Technology and Innovation in Legal Services 2018

Survey data in Excel and SPSS format

Why is this research important?

We believe innovation is in the public interest. It is important that legal services evolve to reflect the changing environment and public expectations. Further, if innovation can make legal services more accessible, more effective and better value-for-money this should help address the issue of unmet need for legal services and help improve access to justice.

Why did we undertake this research?

The LSB has a strategic objective of increasing innovation, growth and the diversity of services and providers, as set out in our Strategic Plan 2018-21 . Specifically by 2021 we want to see a growth in new delivery models, and an increase in the levels of service innovation. The LSB undertook this research to monitor how far this objective has been delivered, since the study undertaken in 2015.

What new information did this research provide?

This research provides new insights across a range of different areas and allowed to answer relevant research questions on the 2018 use of technology and innovation within legal services market in England and Wales. Some highlights include:

  • Technologies used in legal services and how this varies by types of provider
  • Enablers of, and barriers to, the use of technology
  • Attitudes towards technology among providers
  • Levels of innovation in legal services market and how this varies by types of provider
  • Innovation drivers and barriers, including the impact of regulation
  • Comparisons with the 2015 wave of the survey

How are we going to use this research?

This new information will feed into the LSB’s market evaluation, which seeks to establish the impact of reforms on the legal sector market. The next report is due at the end of 2019. We hope to repeat this research in 2021. More immediately the research will be used in the LSBs technology and regulation project by providing insights on the barriers to greater use of technology among providers.