21 September 2017

LSB’s Publication Scheme commits to publishing proactively the agenda and papers of our regular Board meetings. If you require more information about a particular paper, please contact our Corporate Governance Manager on 020 271 0070 or boardsecretary@legalservicesboard.org.uk.

  1. Chief Executive’s progress report: September 2017
  2. Internal Governance Rules Review (IGR) Policy
    • Paper (17) 58 – Internal Governance Rules Review (IGR) Policy*
  3. The LSB’s role in supporting ‘global Britain’
  4. LSB strategy
  5. Measuring progress against business plan headlines
  6. Recommendations of the Tailored Review
  7. a OLC budget variation request
  8. b Review of the Memorandum of Understanding between LSB and Office for Legal Complaints (OLC)
  9. Action tracker: September 2017
  10. Items considered out of Board:
  11. Finance Report to 31 August 2017

*Exempt from publication in accordance with LSB’s Publication Scheme