Report: An analysis of legal capability

Each stage in the journey to resolving a legal issue has a variety of challenges that are difficult for many people. These challenges could be easier for many by providing legal services and Public Legal Education (PLE) initiatives, that take account of variability of legal capability of users of legal services.

As part of our project on PLE, we have explored the early stages in this journey from having knowledge of one’s rights and recognising the issue as a legal one, via a series of steps to successfully deal with it.

Our research paper [pdf] examines the influence of legal capability at the different stages people go through when they try to resolve their legal issues.

The paper’s finding were presented [pdf] at an event during Justice Week 2020. The event  was chaired by Michael Smyth CBE QC, Board member of the Legal Services Board. Speakers included:

  • Tom May,Research Manager, Legal Services Board
  • Enver Solomon, CEO, Just for Kids Law
  • Katherine Briscoe, CEO, Legal Beagles
  • Michael Olatokun, Research Fellow in Citizenship and the Rule of Law; Head of Public and Youth Engagement, Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law