How services are paid for – small businesses

[chartboot version= ‘2.0’ code= ‘465D’ border= ‘1’ width= ‘100%’ height= ‘500’ attribution= ‘0’ jsondesc= ‘{“chart”:{“renderTo”:”container”,”defaultSeriesType”:”bar”},”title”:{“text”:”How services are paid for – small business”},”xAxis”:{“categories”:^”From the business turnover”,”From business savings/reserves”,”From personal savings”,”A charge was put on my property”,”Took out a loan”,”Borrowed the money from family/friends”,”It was paid for by family or friends”|,”title”:{“text”:””}},”credits”:{“enabled”:false},”yAxis”:{“title”:{“text”:””}},”reflow”:true,”series”:^{“name”:”How services are paid for (%)”,”data”:^51,27,16,3,2,1,1|}|,”colors”:^”#77216F”,”#872175″,”#e1134f”,”#faa634″,”#d5d10e”,”#685040″,”#e7ded0″,”#cbb677″|}’ ]

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Last updated on 14th June 2018
Next update due June 2020