Charging methods (fixed fees etc.) – individuals

[chartboot version= ‘2.0’ code= ‘465D’ border= ‘1’ width= ‘100%’ height= ‘500’ attribution= ‘0’ jsondesc= ‘{“chart”:{“renderTo”:”container”,”defaultSeriesType”:”bar”},”title”:{“text”:”Charging methods (fixed fees etc.) – individuals”},”xAxis”:{“categories”:^”I was quoted a fixed price for the work which is what I paid for”,”I was given an estimate of what the advice might cost”,”I was given a breakdown of costs (including disbursements and VAT)”,”I was given a ratecard/ pricing structure”,”I was given an hourly rate but not given an estimate of the hours required”,”I was given an hourly rate and was told roughly how many hours would be required”,”I was quoted a fixed price which was different to what I actually paid for”,”I was not told what the price would be”|,”title”:{“text”:””}},”credits”:{“enabled”:false},”yAxis”:{“title”:{“text”:””}},”reflow”:true,”series”:^{“name”:”Charging methods (%)”,”data”:^58,27,9,5,5,5,4,3|}|,”colors”:^”#002b54″,”#872175″,”#e1134f”,”#faa634″,”#d5d10e”,”#685040″,”#e7ded0″,”#cbb677″|}’ ]

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Last updated on 21st June 2018
Next update June 2019