Ongoing Competence in Legal Services: research into public attitudes

As part of our review into ongoing competence in legal services , we commissioned research from Community Research to understand the public’s views on:

  • Whether the current arrangements in place give sufficient confidence in lawyers’ ongoing competence; and
  • If not, what mix of measures would give sufficient confidence.

A quantitative survey with a sample of 1005 adults from England and Wales, alongside a deliberative research panel with 23 members of the public found a gap between public expectation and what regulation currently requires to ensure lawyers remain competent throughout their careers.

The research report (PDF) is here.

This is the Executive Summary (PDF).

This is the Technical Appendix (PDF).

These are the sub-appendices:

  1. Introduction (PDF)
  2. Glossary (PDF)
  3. Competence Frameworks (PDF)
  4. Clarification FAQs (PDF)
  5. Measures factsheets (PDF)
  6. Deliberation sessions (PDF)
  7. Questionnaire (PDF)