Past activity schedules and quarterly performance reports

To help stakeholders plan their engagement with us and to understand our work plans and outputs in more detail, we publish an activity schedule at the beginning of each business year. We update the activity schedule quarterly and also publish quarterly performance reports.

Our activity schedule and quarterly performance reports for 2021/22 can be found on our Business Plan 2021/22 page.

Our activity schedules and quarterly performance reports from past business years is below.

2020/21 Business Year

Q4: Activity schedule for next business year [PDF]; Performance report [PDF]; Performance report (text version) [PDF]

Q3: Activity schedule [PDF]; Performance report [PDF]; Performance report (text version) [PDF]

Q2: Activity schedule [PDF]; Performance report [PDF]

Q1: Activity schedule [PDF]; Performance report [PDF]

Here is our original activity schedule [PDF] that we published alongside our business plan.