Our response to Professor Mayson’s independent review of legal services regulation

Professor Mayson (UCL Centre for Ethics & Law) has led an independent review of legal services regulation.

Responding to the publication of the final report, the Legal Services Board’s Chief Executive, Matthew Hill said:

“Professor Mayson’s report offers a thoughtful analysis of a complex set of issues. We will consider the findings carefully.

“As Professor Mayson recognises, Covid-19 is having a significant impact on consumers, businesses and society and the legal sector is likely to look very different in the months and years ahead. This only increases the need for regulation to adapt at pace to ensure people who need legal help and advice can access services they trust and have confidence in, both today and in future.

“We are developing a new strategy for legal services regulation and this could include considering alternative regulatory models. Central to our thinking is a commitment to a strategic reshaping of legal services to better meet the needs of consumers and benefit everyone in society – and we will pursue this with or without legislative reform.”

For more on information on some of the LSB’s thinking about regulatory reform, see our Board paper on Reserved activities dated 4 June 2020 and the Chair’s blog that followed the meeting.

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