LSB extends call for evidence on ongoing competence

The Legal Services Board (LSB) has extended the deadline for its call for evidence on ongoing competence by six weeks in recognition of the continuing impact of Covid-19. The new deadline is 26 June 2020 

We know that some stakeholders have diverted resources in response to the crisis and would benefit from more time to prepare submissions and share information with us.  

Although this work started before the Covid-19 pandemic, the crisis has amplified the legal needs of consumers in some key areas.  In this context, it is vital that everyone trusts that legal professionals have the necessary skills, knowledge and attributes to provide good quality services. 

We are grateful to have had useful and constructive engagement since opening our call for evidence in January. We will continue to hold virtual meetings and receive information from a range of stakeholders, as well as carry on with desk research. We are analysing information as it comes in so any party that is on track to meet our initial deadline of 15 May 2020 is encouraged to provide their response as soon as they can.  

We look forward to sharing our findings later in the year. 


The call for evidence is a key milestone in our project to understand how legal regulators ensure the professionals they regulate remain competent throughout their careers.  

We are asking respondents to consider four themes: 

  • Defining competence and competence assurance 
  • Consumer expectations of competence 
  • Competence assurance in the legal services sector 
  • Competence assurance in other sectors 

We want to hear from people and organisations both within and beyond the legal services sector with any relevant information on existing competence assurance practices and whether these practices protect the public and promote consumer interests. The insights will help guide our thinking on whether a different approach is needed. 

Anyone with an interest in this work can submit information via email or by visiting  our ongoing competence pages. Any stakeholders with difficulties meeting this new deadline are advised to contact us. 

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