LSB response to the CMA’s market study review

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has today published the findings of a review undertaken to assess the extent to which the recommendations in its 2016 Legal Services market study have been taken forward and the impact that these changes have had to date.

Commenting on the findings of the CMA’s review, Dr Helen Phillips, Chair of the Legal Services Board, said:

“The CMA’s findings echo the conclusions of our recently published State of Legal Services 2020 report. Although pricing information given to people who need legal services is more transparent, price competition is still weaker than we would wish to see. The range of prices offered by different providers for the same legal service hasn’t yet narrowed in the way we would have expected. There hasn’t been any progress on developing indicators that would enable consumers to assess the quality of providers. Although more people are shopping around for legal services, this trend has not accelerated since the CMA’s study in 2016.

“Regulators and providers can do much more to improve competition in the legal services sector and to make it easier for people who need legal advice to find and compare services that meet their needs and make informed decisions.

“We will work with the regulators and others to tackle the challenges identified and build a legal services market that better meets the needs of consumers.”

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